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RoboDelivery Revolution: Uber Eats Employs Autonomous Robots in Tokyo


Uber Eats is revolutionizing the food delivery industry in Tokyo with the introduction of fully autonomous robots to handle orders. This collaboration between Uber Eats, Mitsubishi Electric, and Cartken, an autonomous robotics firm, will mark a significant milestone in the international expansion of Uber Eats.

The decision to introduce driverless delivery robots in Tokyo comes as a response to the need to improve the efficiency and convenience of food delivery services while addressing local labor shortages. Shintaro Nakagawa, CEO of Uber Eats Japan, emphasized that autonomous delivery robots will complement the existing delivery methods that rely on human workers, bicycles, motorcycles, and foot delivery.

The Cartken Model C delivery robots are equipped with six cameras for autonomous driving and obstacle detection, as well as advanced Artificial Intelligence. These robots have been specially modified to comply with Japanese regulations, including a maximum speed limit of 5.4 km/h and reduced load capacity to navigate the streets of Tokyo for deliveries.


Mitsubishi Electric, in partnership with Uber Eats and Cartken, will oversee the operations and collaborate on future developments of the robotic delivery system. Privacy measures, such as automatically masking human faces in robot-captured photographs, have been implemented by Uber Eats to address potential concerns.

According to Shoji Tanaka, senior general manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced applications research center, robot delivery will provide a practical solution to the impending logistics challenges faced by the food delivery industry. The participating companies are optimistic that the introduction of autonomous delivery robots will pave the way for more robotic delivery services to emerge throughout Japan.


While specific details such as opening hours and participating restaurants have not yet been disclosed, the companies are working towards a smooth and successful launch in Tokyo. Despite the potential obstacles in densely populated areas where robots must navigate among people, the participating firms are confident in the effectiveness and safety of the autonomous delivery system.

As the world of food delivery continues to evolve, the introduction of fully autonomous robots for Uber Eats orders in Tokyo marks a significant technological advancement in the industry. With the collaboration of leading companies and cutting-edge technology, this new delivery system promises to revolutionize the way food is delivered in Tokyo and beyond. Stay tuned for more updates on the launch of autonomous robot delivery in Tokyo with Uber Eats.

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