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A cleaner energy source: carbon capture

Scientists are trying new things using “green methanol.” In the not-too-distant future, it may power not just industries but also vehicles and ships. But can there ever be a day when turning CO2 into a clean fuel can replace gasoline?

Using cow dung as a fuel source in India

In her work as a fuel converter, Rukmini Kumbhar gathers cow manure Roughly fifty kilograms (eight stone) of fresh cow manure is collected daily by Rukmini Baburao Kumbhar using just her bare hands. A member of her spiritual community, she

Meta, rebranded with the same confusion

Despite the fact that Facebook has changed its name to Meta, the many problems that have been plaguing the company will not be resolved by this recent transition. The author of this post, Martin Muno of DW, asserts that Mark

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